Relationship Intensive Workshop

You can’t seem to agree

on anything!

Your fighting does not lead to Solutions or Changes

Your quality of life is

starting to be affected.

Is it time for divorce? Can we be saved?

— We can help you figure that out.


You may feel stressed, overwhelmed or depressed and not want to do anything at home anymore because there’s no point when one person will always be angry with how things were done before.


You find excuses to avoid your partner. You find yourself flirting with other people or fantisizing about a life without your partner. You aren’t physically intimate with your partner anymore. You no longer trust your partner.


Our therapists are specialists in their field and have years of experience helping couples navigate this cruitial time. We can help you individually or together to make decisions and decide on the best path way forward for yourselves. Sometimes it helps to have an expert come beside you and help.


Sadness starts spilling over into other aspects too such as with work and friendships. This doesn’t just happen between partners; entire family members’ lives become impacted as well since they’re stuck living under the same roof where anger is constantly present around them.

Three Month Relationship Intensive Workshop

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What’s Included in the Workshop?

Starting Assessments & Evaluation

Assessment data provides the therapist with important information about who you are and what your needs may be. At its core, this helps us track treatment progress over time so that when problems arise we can respond early on in order for you to get optimal results from therapy.

Work with a Seasoned Specialist

For 3 Months

We know how important your relationship is and that you’re looking for someone who has the expertise to help you navigate this. That’s why all of our therapists and coaches are seasoned professionals with a wealth experience in their field – they not only have years of experience, but also have specialties in Betrayal Trauma, PTSD, Communication Coaching, Trust Building, and Co-Parenting.

Couple and Individual Options

We provide a safe space for both partners where they can share their thoughts and feelings without fear, as well as individualized counseling designed around what’s working best in order address any issues that may be holding things back from being truly happy.

This workshop is offered to be taken by one partner on their own, or together as a couple. 

Analysis & Evaluation of your Current Relationship

Both written & verbal

We’ve found it’s best to combine written assessments with a relationship history that explores basic dimensions of couple dynamics such as clear communication, effective problem-solving, and sharing of joint tasks. 

This assessment will be shared with you as part of creating your individual plan. 

Weekly Live Video Sessions

600 Minutes 

The workshop is for 12 weeks. You will work with your therapist or coach to best optimize your minutes week to week. Some sessions in the beginning may be longer and then others may be be shorter as you are get close to finishing up. 

Guided Weekly Topics & Exercises 

every monday

Each week you will be emailed over the topic of the week for you to review with any resources that your therapist/coach has put together for you such as videos, pdf’s, links, and exercises to work on for the week. 

Ongoing Assessments

see your progress

Your progress is monitored and measured throughout your time together. 

Solution Focused

help in the moment

Learning coping mechanisms and techniques to use In real time.  This will help you better deal with stress, anger, sadness, or any other emotion that’s interfering in your relationship.


Hope for the Future

for better or for worse

Having hard conversations and making difficult decisions can ultimately lead you to a better path for your future. Whether or not we help you decide to walk away or to stay together, you will no longer feel stuck. 

Package Options

Individual Package


  • 10-12 Individual Virtual Sessions (600 Minutes)
  • Work with a licensed therapist/relationship expert
  • Starting Assessments & Review
  • Analysis & Evaluation of your current relationship
  • Guided weekly topics and instructions
  • A program uniquely designed for you.

Couple Package


  • 10-12 Couple Virtual Sessions (600 Minutes)
  • Work with a licensed therapist/relationship expert
  • Starting assessments and review individually & as a couple
  • Full evaluation of your current relationship
  • Guided weekly topics, resources and activities to work on
  • A program uniquely tailored to you

Is There a Payment Plan Option?

Great news! Paypal has a six-months, interest free payment option.

With Paypal credit option you can pay in monthly installments or in full at the end of 6 months with no interest. Visit to learn more.