Traci is a thoughtful, experienced therapist. She has given me guidance and provided me with tools to work through struggles that had previously kept me from growing & learning. Her wisdom has helped me move through difficult emotions & unaddressed difficulties that had plagued me for decades. She is smart, kind, and patient. She also has a gift for seeing the essential problem at the root of any situation and distilling it toward a workable solution.

I have benefited from her many insights, as well as her book recommendations & “homework”. I would recommend her to any person who feels stuck. You don’t have to go it alone! Her fresh insights have made a key difference in my life and have made me feel like a stronger, more capable person going forward.


During the months I’ve been meeting with Traci Seery, I have seen so many positive changes in my life. I am relearning who I am and am becoming unapologetic about being myself. I have learned to have my own opinions and to stop disregarding my thoughts and feelings as irrelevant. I have felt like a remade crawling insect emerging from a cocoon.

Traci has been so caring and understanding while also guiding me to move in the right direction in my life. She is my brain and heart doctor, my coach, my advocate, and the challenger of all my destructive ingrained thoughts. I am grateful and fortunate to have her helping me at this time in my life!!!


I’ve been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks over the last few years. Last year I tested positive for COVID, and my anxiety took a turn for the worst. I couldn’t sleep at night, heart palpitations, no desire to eat, I gave myself IBS due to all the stress I was putting on my body.

In late March, my primary doctor suggested I talk to a therapist. I was desperate and lost. I reached out to Traci from Traverse Talk and she referred me to Sharon. I am so grateful to Traci and her team. Sharon worked with my doctor to get me on a treatment plan and within a month of therapy I was feeling better than ever. Sharon is compassionate and understanding. She listen and gave me tools to use in my everyday life. I now have incorporated CBT and meditation thanks to Sharon.

I have learned through therapy to calm myself before I go into crisis and I have a new found look on life. I always thought I was a strong person and could control my anxiety, but I was wrong. I let it consume me for years and now I can manage it in a way that I could not if I didn’t receive therapy and help. Thank you to Traverse Talk for helping me!

~Jackie M.

Traverse Talk has been a life saver. I truly believe it saved my life and marriage. I was ready to give up on my 15 year relationship and I was completely at a loss for how to move forward in my life.

To traverse means to go through something. Thanks to Traci at Traverse Talk I have worked through a huge rough patch. She helped me examine my behavior and emotions to see how they might not be serving me or my marriage well.

Through therapy, I have developed firm, healthy emotional boundaries. I have gained skills to be a better listener and learned how to relate better with my partner.

Therapy isn’t easy, but with Traci’s ability to see things from both sides, to see the love that lies beneath the turmoil, it has been effective.

Without talk therapy, I am sure I would have given up on my marriage. With Traci’s balanced and objective guidance, my health and my joy have returned. I am now better equipped to pull through trying emotional times. Therapy worked. It helped me feel stronger and more joyful.

I know married life will still bring challenges, but thanks to talk therapy, I have the tools to deal with them.

~Liz G