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Experiencing a traumatic life event is more common than you think.

Unexpected traumatic events can happen to us at any time and without warning.

An auto accident leaves you nervous around cars and reluctant to drive for years to come.

That terrible breakup has made it difficult for you to trust people or be intimate with a new person.

The emotional effects of trauma are debilitating. And when not addressed, they fester and can seriously ruin your life.

The aftermath of a traumatic event is painful.

After the event, you felt numb.

You aren’t yourself, moving through your life in slow-motion as if in a dream.

Strangely, you have trouble remembering the details of the event and what happened.

But at night, you toss and turn with an anxious, unsettled feeling that won’t let you rest.

At work, your hands shake, and your heart beats out of your chest.

Grabbing onto the counter as the room begins to swim, you realize you’re having a panic attack.

Not good.

You can move on with your life after a traumatic event.

The dissociation and flashbacks are your brain’s attempts to shield you while processing your traumatic event. Your brain can’t always manage this on its own, though.

You’re not the only one who has gone through this. It’s okay to feel bad about what happened.

Don’t let this one moment in your past shape the rest of your life. We’re here to help your mind heal so you can go back to enjoying the things worth living for now.

Heal yourself through therapy.

We’ll help you gain control over your feelings and give you real-time strategies when the triggers occur.

Before you know it, you’ll be happier and more productive than you thought possible.

You’ll feel like yourself again. Enjoy waking up with energy and feeling healthy and optimistic.

Be the best version of yourself.

The support you need is here.

Traumatic events are challenging to deal with, especially alone – it’s hard to find the proper support!

Talking to a trained trauma therapist makes all the difference.

Here at Traverse Talk, we provide licensed therapists for anyone dealing with the after-effects of trauma.

We’re committed to helping you feel better now. We provide the tools needed to heal and ultimately become the best version of yourself.

Don’t let another day of your life slip away because of the events of your past.

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