Military Spouses

Do you feel lonely and miss your “hardly ever there” spouse?

Are you afraid you will never get to stay in any town long enough to make new friends or have a career?

As a military spouse, you support your spouse’s service journey. Many other feelings and emotions can come along with giving that support.

The absence of your partner’s presence, homesickness, the duties you have now, and the times you may worry for your partner’s safety – it’s a lot!

Even the strongest spouses must deal with changes and adjustments.

It’s okay to be homesick!

If you feel overwhelmed in your role as a military spouse, you are not alone.

Serving our country isn’t an easy lifestyle. It’s tiring moving and constantly feeling like you never get to “settle” into a home or place to live. You may feel burdened by supporting your spouse who is battling depression or anxiety caused by the challenges of military service.

It is normal if you feel homesick – even when expected not to feel that way!

Being a military spouse is a job in itself. And it comes with transitions, changes, and sacrifices.

You deserve some support, too.

Our therapists can help support you on this journey. Learning coping mechanisms and ways to combat loneliness and homesickness will help you adjust during this transition in your life.

It’s not easy, and you don’t have to do it alone. After several sessions, you will find that you have the support you need while navigating this difficult, unique lifestyle change.

You will find your purpose and happiness again as you utilize the tools gained in therapy – these tools will help you communicate your needs and feelings with your spouse and help you take care of yourself during stressful times.

We look forward to helping you along your journey to an achievable goal – the happy life of a military spouse!