Life Transitions

Change is a part of life, but it can also be taxing.

Change can be challenging! But change is life.

Stuff happens – sometimes life-altering stuff. This type of change is the kind of stuff that tries to knock you down and tests your ability to transition – to navigate your own life.

We all face significant changes in our lives – positive and negative. Some of these changes are out of our control, and we were in the driver’s seat for others.

Some of the changes are positive (the birth of a new baby, a new job), and others are negative (the death of a loved one, being fired from a job). However, both types of changes can make us feel overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, and fearful.

Along with change comes a host of questions.

“But isn’t having a baby supposed to be a positive thing? If so, why do I feel so depressed?”

“This is my dream job? Why am I so anxious?”

“If I have my COVID vaccination shots, why am I still isolating myself so much? Will I ever be comfortable in public again?”

Giving birth to a child, getting your vaccination, and returning to working in the office, or even moving to a new town for a new job are positive types of “stuff.” We deem these life events as amazing, but they are incredibly overwhelming at times, and the transition brings changes that are not easy to navigate – for anyone!

Some of the “stuff” is heartbreaking.

Life-altering events like a divorce, losing a job that you loved for years, struggles with health issues, and the death of someone close to you create riffs in your pathways in life. These changes can feel violently drastic, and you may feel like you can’t shift and adapt.

Do you feel like you can’t move forward and will never get over this change?

Therapy helps you navigate – the good and bad “stuff.”

At Traverse Talk, our therapists can help you find coping mechanisms to deal with the initial shock of the change/transition you are facing.

What may be a life-altering transition for one client may not be for another, so our therapist personalizes each plan to find an approach that helps you cope and respond in a healthy way to the changes you are facing.

After therapy, you will find that you have successfully dealt with the initial shock, developed healthy tools to work through the transition, and become equipped to handle future life transitions with a healthy, positive approach.

Contact one of our therapists and begin building strategies to work through the transitions in your life.

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