Everyone faces some anxiety. It’s natural.

It’s normal to have some stress in your life. This type of stress is called “good stress.” Good stress motivates us, pushes us to make changes, and helps us not watch sitcoms all day.

And we all get anxious before a big first date, a job interview, or a speech at a wedding!

Stress is your body’s way of responding to a situation that may make you nervous or anxious. That’s natural.

Feeling out of control and panicked is an over-response.

Anxiety that is not natural interferes with your ability to stay calm and in control when responding to everyday situations.

Anxiety affects each person differently. When you experience a fearful situation, you may feel panicked with an increased heart rate or feel like you have “lost control” of your response and reactions. We often refer to these responses as panic attacks.

You may even feel like you can’t go out in public, be around many people, or respond naturally to others in social situations.

You are not alone in this boat!

Fifty percent – yes, half – of all Americans have sought treatment for anxiety.

We juggle so many areas of our lives, and keeping everything in the air can become overwhelming at times. You may even be fearful of the choices you need to make.

Anxiety may stem from relationship issues, work issues, concerns with returning to work after COVID, medical issues, past trauma, and more.

Change your relationship with anxiety!

How would it feel to be in control of your emotional response to situations?

How would it change your well-being if you had tools you could use to calm your mind in anxious moments?

Well-being is possible, and the tools are available.

We can help!

You can learn how to manage your fears and anxiety through a variety of different therapeutic methods.

No two people are the same, and no two individuals face the same responses to potentially stressful situations.

Your counselor will create a plan with you to help you change your relationship with anxiety. You will receive the tools – ones you already may have and just haven’t dug up lately – to manage and reduce your anxiety and fears. These tools put you in control.

You can sleep better, handle unexpected events with a calmer mind and body, and respond to stress in a healthy way – a way that motivates you. You can live a life not controlled by your anxiety but rather by your mindful responses to it. Gaining control puts you in the driver’s seat of your own life again.

We are ready to be a part of your journey to the new you!

Contact us today.