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Frozen… moving forward each day feels impossible.

Bad cycles seem to be your norm.

Drinking alone after a long hard day and worrying is becoming a nightly ritual.

Binge watching Netflix has become your escape.

I Cannot Escape This Feeling

“I have to get out of this situation before it consumes me.”

But you are frozen. Unmoving.

You promise yourself that “tomorrow” is the day to change.

Yet, you can’t seem to change, even when you try.

Become the person you want to be

Change your life. Change your habits. Change your thinking.

Make the cycle go away…

Without change, days turn into months, months turn into years, and you are still stuck. Your mental health begins to take a larger toll on your relationship with yourself – and your relationships with others.

No one can count on your participation. You feel like friends are avoiding you. Your family seems angry with you. You feel alone with it all.

Perhaps your family and friends don’t understand your pain. They don’t realize what you are going through.

But you want to move forward.

You want to be free – from the pain, the memories, the past. But wanting it and doing it are different things.

How we help

At Traverse Talk, our therapists make moving forward a reality today, not just something you promise yourself to do “tomorrow.”

Our therapists act as your “life coach” to help you move forward as we work with you to develop a plan. Working together with one of our therapists, you will find solutions to help you create a better version of yourself.

You will experience better relationships, more productive communication, increased motivation, and restful sleep.

Make “tomorrow” your today!

I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 things that do not work.
– Thomas Edison

Why try to change your habits or handle your memories alone – when you don’t have to?

Reach out and let us connect you to a therapist who will be just right for you.

Take the first step to moving your life forward.

Welcome to Traverse Talk

Traverse Talk makes finding answers and support easy.

We can help you move forward to achieve your goals.

Through online counseling, we can meet you wherever you are –
in your life or geographically.

Our counselors are right there with you
from the first step to the last.

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Getting over a painful experience is
much like crossing monkey bars.
You must let go at some point to
move forward.
– C. S. Lewis

Make your “I’ll do it tomorrow,” today… start here.

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~Christine G.

Traci has been so caring and understanding while also guiding me to move in the right direction in my life. She is my brain and heart doctor, my coach, my advocate, and the challenger of all my destructive ingrained thoughts. I am grateful and fortunate to have her helping me at this time in my life!!!
~Christine G.

~Jackie M.

Sharon worked with my doctor to get me on a treatment plan and within a month of therapy I was feeling better than ever. Sharon is compassionate and understanding. I have learned through therapy to calm myself before I go into crisis, and I have a new found look on life. I always thought I was a strong person and could control my anxiety, but I was wrong. I let it consume me for years and now I can manage it in a way that I could not if I didn’t receive therapy and help. Thank you to Traverse Talk for helping me!
~Jackie M.

~Liz G.

To traverse means to go through something. Thanks to Traci at Traverse Talk I have worked through a huge rough patch. She helped me examine my behavior and emotions to see how they might not be serving me or my marriage well. With Traci’s balanced and objective guidance, my health and my joy have returned. I am now better equipped to pull through trying emotional times. Therapy worked.
It helped me feel stronger and more joyful.
~Liz G.


Traci is a thoughtful, experienced therapist. You don’t have to go it alone! Her fresh insights have made a key difference in my life and have made me feel like a stronger, more capable person going forward.